Persistence is the Key to Your New Normal

TBCThree weeks ago, my 16-year-old daughter and I joined the Title Boxing Club in Clarksville, TN. Both of us were on a health and weight loss plan we started (along with the rest of the civilized world) on January 1. We had been working out at the Clarksville Athletic Club but found the elliptical machines boring and the weight room too crowded. We passed Title Boxing every time we drove into Clarksville and decided to do our first workout.

Boxing isn’t new to me. Most people don’t know I boxed while in the Navy stationed in Guam and even survived three rounds with the South Pacific Games light heavyweight Silver Medalist Tana Meafou back in 1993. Of course that was two titanium hips and several broken noses ago. Kickboxing is a completely different animal though. There are several kicks to master plus the frenetic pace of a Title Boxing 60 minute workout. I had a hard time staying balanced and my kicks were about ankle length. My high knees would probably not even resulted in a groin shot. By the end of the first session we were exhausted and my toes were smashed and bleeding. My shins were bruised and the tops of my feet were swollen. I didn’t think about quitting, but I was disappointed in my performance.

Fast forward to now though and things have improved. I’m able to keep up with the pace and I think my technique is even better. I still can’t kick the bag with the same chain-jangling thump that trainers Kelvin and King do, but I’m getting there. I noticed this morning the fronts of my lower legs seem to be developing a thick layer of muscle (I think) and kicks no longer feel like bumping your leg into the coffee table. Maybe this is getting me close to my new normal.

Anything new, whether it’s a job, title, promotion, life change, etc. starts with an initial level of excitement followed by deep discouragement and pain. It’s the basis of my M-4™ model that I use in all of my workshops. The key to pushing past that Zone 2 experience is having someone to push you and summoning up all of your strength and endurance. Getting through that rough stage builds up confidence, endurance, strength, and in my case, calloused shins and feet. Your new normal is a product of perseverance.

If you’re starting something new right now, just know that you’ll soon get overwhelmed and discouraged. It’s normal and natural. If you push past it, you’ll grow. If you do, you’ll be the exception rather than the rule. Most of the time, people quit. Be sure to visualize the goal you want to achieve and surround yourself with people who have been where you are now and are now where you want to be.

I’m excited to make it to the second month of kickboxing. I look forward to rattling the chains on the heavy bag. I’m excited to do mountain climbers and not have my fat bouncing around. I can’t wait to have my size 38 pants fit loose again.

What are you wanting to do this year that puts you out of your comfort level? Why not get a plan together this week to start that journey? Your new normal awaits!

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