The Greatest Boss Who Ever Lived

If you were told to expand your organization into a world-wide force and market your message to millions of people, not just now, but for at least the next 2,000 years, could you do it?

TheGreatestBoss_3DYour Challenge:

  • No advertising budget
  • No Internet
  • No social media
  • No postcards
  • No sign spinners
  • 12 member team would include one back-stabbing traitor
  • 11 guys who had no formal qualifications or education whatsoever.

Impossible? Maybe.

But not for Jesus Christ

In just three years He changed the course of history and established an enduring organization that only grows stronger each year. He did it without modern technology, air travel, or fancy corporate presentations. His team was ordinary at best and selfish and divisive at worst.

Yet in spite of His divinity, His management practices were quite ordinary. How did He do it? Just seven simple (but not simplistic) principles:

  • Defer to the Leader
  • Focus on the Inside
  • Don’t Micromanage
  • Have Your Team’s Back
  • Always Teach
  • Celebrate
  • Show Empathy

In this book, management expert Malcolm O. Munro deciphers these lessons by showing you how Jesus did it, and then makes practical application to the 21st century workplace.

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About the Author

Malcolm O. Munro, is an accomplished author, speaker, consultant, and coach who is determined to develop the next great generation of managers. You can contact him for coaching, workshops, and keynote speaking at



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